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Our Family and Our Mission

We are a family of winemakers for tradition who, tired of seeing wine bottles held in glass cases just to look at, thought: let’s look ahead, and go back!
Wine is not a luxury, nor an object to decorate the cellar with: let’s bring wine back to where it belongs, on the table!


Stefano is the owner and farmer, coming from a family traditionally involved in wine since one can remember. After leaving the university at the age of 19 to help his grandfather in the cellar, he has not stopped working in the business yet. First with his brothers, later starting a sole proprietorship, he continues today to take care of the vineyards and to look for new ideas.


Andrea is our professional winemaker, who since his studies in Udine has been taking care of the farm together with Dad. He took inspiration from his experiences working in Argentina, Brazil and New Zealand, as well as by many nights drinking with his winemaker friends. He is the alchemist that controls temperature, acidity and stability of wines, and he’s the one you need to ask for a tailor-made wine.


Mariangela is the Mum who takes care of everyone, including olive trees. She follows every single plant, and makes sure the pressing takes place at the best conditions. She likes to prepare canned olives, jams and find more ways to use all the products of our land.

What We Believe In

What We Don't Want

  • Offering products processed only from our own grapes, grown directly from us:



  • Offering products that everyone can buy every day, without having to wait for special occasions:

    Wine 365 days a year!


  • Offering wine, oil and other products that everyone can understand:



  • To fill your head with chatter on the manners of the wine connoisseur:

    Eyes, nose and taste buds are enough to recognize color, scent and taste!


  • To present wine as a luxury good:

    Good wine is to be drunk every day!


  • To have you believe that our wine is the best in the world:

    Wine is good when you like it!


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