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We sell wine in bottle and in bulk,
directly at our farm...
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Chardonnay IGT Trevenzie

Smooth taste, straw yellow color, scent of apple and acacia flowers. It goes well with soups and vegetables, but also with white meat and fish. Alc. 12%. To be served at 10-12 degrees.

Pinot Bianco IGT Trevenezie

Wine with natural high alcoholic degree, hints of white flowers and apricot. Suitable also for meat dishes for its full and mature flavor. Alc. 12.5%. To be served at 10-12 degrees. Suitable for aging.

Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie

Distinctive aroma and typically bitter aftertaste. Excellent as an aperitif or with fish and light pasta dishes. Alc. 12%. To be served at 10-12 degrees.

Cabernet IGT del Veneto

Aged only in steel barrels to keep the bright color and freshness. Perfect with grilled meats, cold cuts and cheeses. Alc. 12.5%. To be served at 16-18 degrees.

Prosecco DOC

Produced from grapes early harvested to preserve the aroma. Sparkling process with the Charmat method, and with a long fermentation on the yeasts (six months). Alc. 11.5%. To be served at 8-10 degrees. Keep bottles in horizontal position for storing.


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